From small city apartments to large churches and office buildings. Our ELKATHERM® electric heaters have been successfully installed to provide comfort and warmth in a whole variety of situations.

Modern, easy to operate controls and a great look, attracts interior designers, architects, building managers and forward thinking, environmentally conscious homeowners with a keen eye on running costs. ELKATHERM® radiators are well engineered and built to last and that is guaranteed.

Find your local dealer

ELKATHERM® choose to operate through a network of local dealers.

These specialists will help you every step of the way by offering a personal and professional service. Our dealers are knowledgeable, use only fully qualified installers and will not pressure you into a decision.

Planet Friendly Heating

More and more electric power is being generated from renewable resources, with more homes & organisations investing in generating their own electricity.

As the UK pushes towards being Carbon Neutral in 2050 and with fossil fuels being phased out in favour of more sustainable energy sources, like clean, green electricity, it’s worth remembering that electric heating has been around for a long time. It started in 1905 with Albert Leroy Marsh’s creation of the alloy Nichrome, which was such a successful heating element that it is still widely used today.

ELKATHERM® has been heating homes for the last 60 years, pioneering the creation of modern, efficient heating. Upgrading to smart heating controls & a modern, efficient system could help reduce bills by quickly heating rooms and only using energy when you need it.

Our radiators are handmade and hand-tested in the family factory, using only the best materials from non-porous ceramic blocks to the powder-coated, high quality steel and robust electrical elements.

With a 25 year guarantee which covers our advanced special fireclay core tablets with fully embedded elements; plus a 4-year, no fuss, electronics warranty, ELKATHERM® is a great option to future proof your heating.

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