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We believe that electricity will be the energy of the future. By 2050, the share of electric power generated from renewable resources is to increase to 80 per cent. Electricity will thus become the most environmentally friendly form of energy.

We want to contribute to this welcome development by manufacturing modern, high-quality electric heating systems that are highly efficient, enabling consumers to move away from fossil sources of energy. Apart from our commitment to climate protection, we want to make sure that people are warm and cosy – at home and at the workplace. Heat generated by electric heaters is particularly comfortable, as these heaters do not only warm up the air around them, but any object in their vicinity.






ELKATHERM® offers you real choice!

Pick from a wide range of modern, efficient radiators in different sizes and available in many, many different colours.

Complete with a 25-year manufacturer’s product guarantee which covers our advanced special fireclay core tablets with fully embedded elements; plus a 4-year, no fuss, electronics warranty.

Choose how you control your heating so you can ensure that it is on when and where it needs to be, by including controllers that you can operate on each radiator or via an app on your phone or tablet.

You can even customise the way your radiator looks – our ‘Pintura’ option allows you to add a design of your choice – perhaps a picture or your company logo. Or add a glass front to make your radiators even more contemporary looking – the toughened glass front can be coordinated to match your radiator colour or comes in mirrored glass – bringing style to a kitchen, bathroom or your business premises.


ELKATHERM® was established in 1954 in Montabaur in the Westerwald region in the west of Germany. In the early 1960s, ELKATHERM® launched a portable tiled stove known as the ELKAMAT, which could be run with solid fuel as well as electric power. This innovative and patented product was a milestone in the success story of the company.

Over the following years, ELKATHERM® became one of the leading manufacturers of electric heaters, fireplaces and stoves. Its product range has been constantly expanding and includes night time storage heaters, charcoal stoves, tiled electric stoves, electric fireplaces and other electric installations. Since 1991, ELKATHERM® has been under the leadership of the Henrich family.

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Quality & Performance

1.Reliable overheating protection: If a part of the electric heater is covered, and thus at risk of overheating, it is automatically shut off. The uncovered part of the heater continues emitting heat. 2. Heaters come with LOT20 compliant controls to meet all EU Standards. The latest smart phone app gives complete control, with further options of a digital programmable control or a simple manual control on the side of each heater. 3. Cosy like a wood stove excellent heat radiation and ideal ratio between radiation and convection heat thanks to five times larger ribbed surface. Available in any RAL colour. 4. Options available for either wall mounted or standalone heaters with feet made in 4mm sheet steel, welded guide rods and powder-coated in colour of heater.

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