ELKATHERM® electric heaters are available in many different shapes and sizes.

This is perhaps the widest choice available in the premium electric heating market and all available in a choice of almost 200 different colours.


The SD range

These duel core radiators are designed to heat rooms with limited wall space or a requirement for extra power. Thanks to the dual fireclay storage core, these electric heaters are the perfect solution for large rooms such as studios, lofts or corridors, keeping them nice and warm without taking up a lot of space. With a depth of only 13 cm, the heaters are ideal for installation in wall recesses. They can be fitted with any thermostat, castors and feet as well as Standard or Swing towel rails.

The SK range

At just 230mm high our lowest height SK range are made to go in restricted height situations like below tall windows or under church pews. These heaters have a twin core and three banks of flutes. They are perhaps the most capable heaters around when it comes to heating capability for their size.

The SN range

This range at 380mm high is made especially for conservatories or to go below windows with low height window sills.

The S range

This is our most common range at 630mm high and is called the standard range. It is the one we fit when there are no restrictions and it is our most popular selling size.

The SL range

The tall designer range at 1220mm high is portrait in shape.

Pintura & Glass

Pintura carries a smooth metal panel which we can design with a photo wrap on the front.

This could be a picture of your favourite view, a pet or perhaps your company logo. Our tall glass fronted designer radiators are super contemporary looking, the toughened glass front is coordinated to match your radiator colour. These can look very stylish in a kitchen, a bathroom or in commercial terms perhaps the foyer of a an office building or hotel.

Find your local dealer

ELKATHERM® choose to operate through a network of local dealers.

These specialists will help you every step of the way by offering a personal and professional service. Our dealers are knowledgeable, use only fully qualified installers and will not pressure you into a decision.

Heating Controllers

Our aim is to put you in control of your heating so you can ensure that your heating can be on when and where it needs to be.

Choose from controllers that you can operate inside your home or via an app on your phone or tablet. Therefore, helping you manage your energy consumption and bills, while maximising the efficiency of your heating.

Stay connected to your heater by using our innovative ELKATHERM® heat app. This free application opens a new world of possibilities in terms of user-friendliness and efficiency. The ‘ELKATHERM®’ hub connects to your internet router and allows you to control each room or radiator through your smartphone or tablet.

The ELKATHERM® receiver is integrated into the side panel of the radiator. It receives the signals from the hub and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Cut energy waste and make your heating “smart”!

If control via an app is not for you, we offer the alternative of an integrated control on the side of each radiator.

With an integrated digital controller and programmer, the desired temperature and heating periods can be set by pressing a few buttons on a display. If the thermostat sensor detects that the temperature has dropped below the set level, the heater will switch on. There are a range of programme options for each day of the week.

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